UK ‘Sequences magazine’ (#31 – 2005) about indra

44 year old Dan Bozaru (aka INDRA) comes from Romania, a land not known for its electronic musicians, but he brings his music into the fields dominated by the likes of Jarre, Schulze, Kitaro etc.

His career goes way back with percussion lessons in 1976, through playing guitar in a several bands and going on to produce his first solo electronic album Turning Away in 1993 when electronics took over his life. Since then has produced a staggering 26 album, most of them in the traditional EM side of things which have over years developed into the Berlin School sound which is dear to his heart. INDRA quotes: ‘My aim in writing music is to capture elevated love at its most stirring and human inner harmony at its fullest’.

Future projects include the Kali – CD 1 of a Special Edition’s 12 CD set which will be released later in this year.

(Mick Garlick)