INTERACTIVE PLAY (vol.1) (1995)

INTERACTIVE PLAY (THE ESSENTIAL) vol.1 is a compilation which groups together some fragments of melodies that INDRA managed to recover from these recordings lost in the magnetic erosion of audio tapes. If the quality of the sound varies, that of the compositions demonstrates a very beautiful progression of INDRA who parades his influences to finally master them and find his identity in the breaths rhythms and ambiances to make room for melodies which are the core of his sibylline approaches.

INTERACTIVE PLAY (vol.2) (1995)

Obviously, INTERACTIVE PLAY (THE ESSSENTIAL) vol.2 is the perfect complement to the volume 1. The 2 CD set offers a very beautiful overview of INDRA’s first works which are regrettably mislaid in the abysses of time and of its imponderables.