THUNDERBOLT – Live at the Black Sea (2008)

Conceived in a remarkable way, the show lasted almost two hours. However, the album version of THUNDERBOLT – LIVE AT THE BLACK SEA includes only 5 tracks, a synthesis of the power and depth of the whole concert. The other three tracks that were performed by INDRA onstage will be included in a future series of albums.

THE PYRAMID CONCERT – Live in Denmark (2008)

Recorded live on July 2008 in Rodvig, Denmark, the concert was performed in a huge wooden pyramid, located by the Baltic Sea, thus adding to the artist’s performances in unusual locations. The five tracks of the album, specifically noting their live performance, are like some precious jewels of electronic music, full of imagination and sensitivity.


Another of INDRA’s live albums is MILLENNIUM LIVE 2000, a recording of a live performance at the Romanian Opera (National Theatre) of Iasi in 2000. Anyone familiar with this prolific artist’s output will recognise the classic EM motifs put together in a personal style that is noticeably European. A great live work with many sound effects and penetrating rhythms!