Total time: 56:38

Recorded: 1999
Distributed: 1999
Republished: 2005



Versatile electronic musician INDRA has set his sights on stars and a Sci-Fi future on Star Traveller – another one of his re-released works. This version of the album contains a bonus track ‘Cosmic Mind’. Its roots may be in classic EM of the accessible Jarre or Tangerine Dream kind but there can be found funkiness and grooves which give this album an edge over the more traditional kinds of EM being churned out by many artists.

The first track ‘2 Suns in the Morning’ is a little chaotic. Syncopated rhythms soon come in after an opening of lush waves brushing through the backdrop. Various electronic effects whiz and flit by while things like sirens, spoken words (snippets from film dialogue possibly) add to the commotion. Later on some melodies played using piano and flute sounds round the piece off nicely.

Several of the tracks have some ‘off the wall’ qualities like the first one. Offsetting the livelier rhythmic pieces we find some ambient tracks, the best example of which is in my opinion ‘Mission in the Night’. On this short (less than five minutes long) track hazy drones and washes keep moving along as all manner of sounds like electronic gunshots, screeching car tires, sirens, chirping insects, and strange ticking noises — to name some but not all — fill the soundscape.

INDRA is at his best on the upbeat tracks. One of my favourites is ‘Megalopolis’; rippling ray gun sounds open the track which has reverbing synth lines accompanied by the hustle and bustle of human activity in a transport station or other gathering place. Before long the music bursts into a rhythmic groove section with nonchalant melodies, some of which snake around and give hints of Eastern promise. This track is quite hypnotic in places, but the overwhelming impression is of a cyberpunk, and its environmental din, world conveyed in music.

Star Traveller is another solid and well crafted release by this prolific musician. It should appeal to EM fans looking for something with a little extra oomph.

2006 Dene Bebbington / Melliflua