Fragment from an Interview (1997)

‘Indeed, there are hidden meanings in the way in which I write most of my music. People’s mental and psychic structure responds with high fidelity to stimuli from the outside world. If the line of the music is inspired and follows a certain rhythm – a pattern which I should say gets repeated obsessively – then a state of mind is generated, specific to the resonance that piece of music produces.

But this takes time. That is why many of my songs are way beyond 15-20 minutes in length, as I am interested primarily in the listener being left with a deep impression, even if that impression may at the beginning come into shape only at the unconscious level. In time, however, it yields beneficial and positive effects: relaxation, the power to focus, inner peace, enhanced sensibility, etc. This is not necessarily marketable. It is for this reason that my music is quite difficult to digest. Market success, however, is not a touchstone of quality music. Quality is where music yields effects in time; one can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, as the saying goes.’

(Interview by Florin Zamfir, 1997)