INDRA’s first solo album has been remastered and bonused.

Turning Away was released in 1993, and it marks the beginning of his EM saga, his vision on the Berlin School music style but also on ambient, space, experimental and even trance.

There have been some delays with the reediting of the first INDRA albums mainly because of technical issues, given the means that were at hand at the time. Even so, Colosseum (1994) and Maharaj (1995) have been reedited but none other.

More on this can be found inside the accompanying CD booklet together with details about future reedits of the early albums. Make sure you do not miss Indra’s personal observations regarding the phases he’d gone through the recording process. We hope fans will discover the music on these old albums not only pleasant to the ear, but also a door to INDRA’s musical universe that, once opened, there is no „turning away” from a better understanding of his musical creation.