‘I have always tried to express my artistic emotions through various styles, including German music, classic music, holistic therapy and music therapy. Along the years I’ve apprehended that a distinct part of the world’s electronic music known as the Berlin School could be the most important art school regarding this type of music. Still, once I’ve passed the initial stages, I’ve somehow changed the classical orientation of this school, adding elements closer to new age style, a certain ‘melody’ of the soul and the influence of pure, inner emotions.’ (INDRA)

Fragment from an Interview (1999)

‘Music can be truly magical on the condition it is sublimely created from the spirit of pure, deeply harmonised ideas – and that is difficult to achieve.’ (INDRA)

Fragment from an Interview (1997)

‘Many of my songs are way beyond 15-20 minutes in length, as I am interested primarily in the listener being left with a deep impression, even if that impression may at the beginning come into shape only at the unconscious level. In time, however, it yields beneficial and positive effects: relaxation, the power to focus, inner peace, enhanced sensibility, etc.
This is not necessarily marketable. It is for this reason that my music is quite difficult to digest. Market success, however, is not a touchstone of quality music. Quality is where music yields effects in time; one can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, as the saying goes.’ (INDRA)