With Ruby five, the first collection of five titles from the ARCHIVES series is ended. The album contains six tracks, with relatively different styles. Here we have beautiful themes (Genesis of Pan), and also guitar improvisations (Creole), mystery (The Leap) and deep electronic (Follow Up, Les Connaisseurs and Trance Location).


Just like in the previous albums, here we meet a conglomeration of musical styles, which are obviously inspired by Indra’s conjunctions. Even so, it should be noted that the author turns slowly but surely to a pure electronic style, which we can also notice in the official albums he started to publish from 2005.


Ruby three contains nine tracks. It is the only title in the series that does not follow the chronological order of the recorded melodies: the first two tracks were composed in 1999, and the following ones are from 1998. Here we have a richness of musical themes which are orchestrated in different styles, including classical.

ARCHIVES CD2: RUBY two (2015)

The ARCHIVES series continues with the second album, Ruby two. The first two tracks are included on albums from 1994-1995. The other tracks were composed in 1998.

Technically speaking, it was impossible to recover the tape with complete recording of the second track from Ruby two so only an excerpt of it is now available. However, with track 1 and track 2 the “gaps” left from the first 12 solo albums of the artist are completed and thus we step up to a new stage of Indra’s musical activity.

ARCHIVES CD1: RUBY one (2015)

The first album from the series (Ruby one) contains melodies and excerpts from pieces that were included on the six albums that could not be re-edited, thus partially filling the gap left in his discography by these albums. With ‘Ruby one’, Indra opens the ARCHIVES series and allows us to travel through time, for a period of 20 years, to an unknown and often unpredictable ‘realm’ of musical themes and approaches. A journey we hope will charm the souls of those interested in very good EM stuff.


MATANGI is a meditative album where the soft rhythms progress slowly with fine crystalline sequences which spin within angelic mists and voices.


The four melodies of this album cover a large spectrum of the Berlin School style, merging celestial sounds with stormy melodic lines. The harmonies are more profound and reveal more refined themes as we approach the end of this series of exceptional albums.