At last, after a long wait, you can delight yourself with the first DVD of INDRA’s live concert. It contains two discs: the video recording of the concert from the Turda Salt Mine in 2007 and the audio version on a separate CD. Even though this concert took place almost three years ago, we are delighted to present this video performance of INDRA. The artist revealed to us that due to some insurmountable hardware problems, which appeared unexpectedly some time ago during the final stages of editing, a large part of the recording was lost. Consequently the final piece (‘Mythical Forest’) had to be cut short, and the encore at the end of the concert had to be completely eliminated.

INDRA told us that this massive loss of data caused major problems in editing, especially with synchronization, but it continued and eventually managed with certain compromises, which were not noticeable to us at all when we viewed the concert. Nevertheless, loyal to his fans and audiophiles, INDRA decided to include in the box the audio version of the concert with approximately 25 minutes more music than in the video version, all in superior audio quality.

The DVD extras are about the back stage activities during the preparation of the concert, presented in a lively and inspired way (‘The Making Of’), along with INDRA’s comments. A pleasant surprise is ‘The Interview’ with INDRA, made by Marius-Christian Burcea in the artist’s own studio. We find out many things behind the scenes of electronic music as well as the beginnings of INDRA’s creative music and his future plans, and much more.

Appreciate this DVD as a refreshing element on the electronic music scene, rich in both information and refinement – regardless of the serious impediments encountered in the making. Three short video clips taken from the DVD are posted on the VIDEO page.