The penultimate act in the Archives series: an album containing four melodies, all composed and produced in 2014; four styles; a mammoth work. This is the way we can briefly describe the album.

Feliciano is the first melody and last 50 minutes. This is the second longest melody composed by INDRA (after Elixir, which is on the Tripura Sundari album –  Special Edition series). However, if in Elixir we experience a trance-like state of mind, listening to Feliciano brings us to a dynamic sensation that is combined with spatial rhythms.

Roll It also fits into the area of dynamic beats, while the last two songs (The Living Nada and Ambiosonic) are a side note, being completely different to the first two. The Living Nada is a kind of “harmonic ode” of human voices, and Ambiosonic comes to deepen the inner experiences.

Clearly, these are musical productions of INDRA which are not meant to form a specific album, but represent “studio material”, melodies composed in inspired moments, which sometimes are very different to each other due to the style approached or the interpretation. They are presented in a chronological order and this very thing offers us access to his universe of sound…