Finally INDRA is back! After a break of quite a long time (eight months) in releasing the albums from the Archives series, due to the need to finish other urgent projects, INDRA returns and promises to very quickly “organise” the last four albums of the final collection of the series.

Platinum Two contains three melodies, all composed and recorded in 2013. They are long, conceptual, pieces with many “layers” to their composition. If Meteor is a dynamic and yet lyrical approach, From Beyond and In the Sky are atmospheric pieces, echoing into space.

Returning to Meteor: this is arguably one of the most successful pieces in the vein of Berlin School style that INDRA has composed, having a main sequential theme that combines the nostalgy for cosmos with the mystery of other worlds. In some ways, it is astonishing that INDRA did not include this track in a particular album, as from our perspective it is an exceptional composition.

We await the creations of the last three albums in the series…