The ARCHIVES series continues with the second album, Ruby two. The first two tracks are included on albums from 1994-1995. The other tracks were composed in 1998.

Technically speaking, it was impossible to recover the tape with complete recording of the second track from Ruby two so only an excerpt of it is now available. However, with track 1 and track 2 the “gaps” left from the first 12 solo albums of the artist are completed and thus we step up to a new stage of Indra’s musical activity.

Between 1995 and 1998 Indra started a series of concerts (Colosseum, Flux and Helios Arena) and orientated himself in the direction of universal sound created by other instruments (Fairlight CMI, Roland D-50, EMU III and particularly Kurzweil). It is a period in which he gives full rein to his imagination and composes in various styles (for example, the album Disco Rustic, which is not included in the discography), and other enigmatic musical jewels, such as Maharaj. This trend will be reflected in the following album in the series.

The rich musical themes trace a thread through his musical conceptions and indicate to us the way in which they will transform from 1998 onward.