As we near the end of the Archives series, INDRA offers us more and more complex and nuanced music. Rhythms combined with deeply lyrical themes often induce a state of trance and nostalgia. Diamond Four is no exception to this. An album of elegant, rhythmic pieces, all composed and recorded in 2011.

The combination of the force that emanates from the rhythms and the delicacy of the themes seems to be a characteristic of INDRA, at least in this period, when his approach to the pieces appears to have settled on the shore of a highly evolved Berlin School style of music. An example of this is Hephaistos; Prime Sounds has a remarkable refinement, and Derivates leads us (we haven’t expected to this, have we?) even to the realm of Chill Out combined with electronic sounds, ending the album on a note of mystery.

A collection of little treasures that deserves to be heard.