How important is the environment in which you perform your concerts? What is the difference between the live from the Salt Mine of Turda and Costinesti on the Black Sea shore, where you had a live concert this summer (2007) too?

INDRA: Because of the specifics of electronic music (especially the Berlin School style), the environment is very important as you need to allow more for the beneficial influence over the people’s psychic, which has to last for a long period of time, and less for the exaltation of some emotions without a known finality, as we can see in the case of concerts engaging other genres of music.

Generally speaking, I try to enrich my live performances with special video projections, light effects, lasers etc, all these having the purpose not the entertainment of the audience, but the facilitation of a state of self consciousness. So the spectator begins to live for himself a more and more profound experience, generated by the carefully chosen combination of musical tones and rhythms with video images.

The Salt Mine concert not only is the first one of its kind in the world but it also involved a powerful energetic side, favored partly by the location (inside the earth) and partly by the salt crystals which, as it is known, have a meaningful ability to energetically purifying the environment.

Can you describe a few of your subtle perceptions during this concert please?

INDRA: I can say that during the Salt Mine concert I had an extraordinary experience. The special reverberations of the sound (caused by the gigantic hall inside the earth), the wonderful light show projected on the salt crystal walls and also the deep introspective state of my audience gave me a remarkable empathic state that greatly inspired me as I performed.

The subtle field of energy in the salt mine is very special. This has directly influenced the exemplary organizing of the technical team and the mountaineers team, who was essential in bringing all the equipment in the enormous hall of the salt mine.


Can you please tell us if you are working on any special themed tracks for the next concert at the Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains?

INDRA: I carefully choose the themes for my tracks in a specific concert depending on the location, the moment in time or the force idea that sustains it. For the one at the Sphinx I will probably choose for some tunes with a strong masculine, transcendent touch but also with archaic resonances that send our imagination, feelings and emotions in the gone times of the past when our ancestors manifested a high spirituality and a profound knowledge of the cosmic laws and mysteries that surround us.

(December, 2007 – www.yogaesoteric.net)