’24 Hours’ Magazine: about INDRA’s live concert at the National Theatre of Iasi (2000)

Curiosity took me to the National Theatre in Iasi where I could see INDRA in a live performance of electronic music. Music, dancing, screens, computers and special effects – all combined to deliver a royal performance! His music, nature sounds and that dancing to Oriental rhythms swept me away.

I then realised that beyond the meanness of their daily lives, people want to find inner peace and they would do anything to get it. That was a concert hall full of mostly young people. Civilised people. No hysteria, no siren, no firecracker – of which the audience might not have been spared. One could only hear the sound of hands clapping loud. And louder.

INDRA, it must be said, is a gifted composer who played his music with serenity and gave a performance to remember, in his unmistakable style.

(Bebe Mihaescu)