Special Edition: Tantric Celebration CD3 – Tripura Sundari is out, courtesy of Eagle Music! The third instalment of the 12CD set is the sequel to Kali and Tara and refers to The Great Cosmic Power of Beauty and Divine Love. I was infatuated with the musical concept, new to INDRA, but still part of the pure Berlinese musical line by far. Engage your minds!

‘I have decided to pick what seemed best to me in making this music, thinking that EM listeners have soul and senses in equal measure, and not only ears. To get closer to the message that my music summons forth you’ve got to let go and drift away, identify yourselves with what you hear. ‘Elixir’ is specially created with extended sequencers to induce a profound state of beneficent trance thus raising the level of inner perception. This occurs over time so all you have to do is to listen and listen again and you’ll witness your mind gradually adjusting itself to the specific vibration-message purposefully embedded in the music. For those using their ears only, first track on this CD could render you bored but it’s only a trap with an aim: that of testing one’s ability to exceed one’s own conventional limits and that’s a real challenge. I truly believe this music is not meant for whoever listens to it but for those who deserve it and getting it right requires deep acuteness (soul sensitivity).’