There is a beginning for everything and, applying to INDRA, the long-waited 12 discs of the Special Edition – Tantric Celebration makes its debut with the first one: Kali, already published by Eagle Music, is suggestive and full of the force INDRA has undeniably brought in the Berlin School style!

As a reminder, Special Edition – Tantric Celebration is a complex and plentiful project with a clear and well defined construct. Ten of the twelve CDs are associated to the Ten Great Cosmic Powers of the traditional tantric Hindu spirituality; the 11th CD is dedicated to the Shiva-Shakti divine couple and the 12th is nothing more than the peak of the collection (alternative: cherry on the top) and refers to The Divine Absolute (BHAIRAVA).

‘This 12 CD Special Edition is an older project and I eager to complete it by the end of the year. Each composition is wondrous in its own way, for it expresses to the best the main characteristics of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers. The field is far from being known and therefore it requires a certain discriminating taste to be bound up with… However, explanatory text could be found in the inlay book and should be a real help towards a better guidance of your imagination and inner emotion. Enjoy!’