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Organised in a rustic area, this change of scene had a wonderful effect on the music which the artists recorded while performing together. Even if the weather was cold, good will and inspiration was not missing at all! The castle of Count Kalnoky proved to be a remarkable element in the landscape.

THE PYRAMID CONCERT – Denmark, July 16th,2008

Enjoying a select assistance, the concert took place in a huge pyramid of wood, on the Baltic Sea. Instant photographs came out a little dark, because the light was not always suitable. Even so, this was one of the most successful concerts of INDRA, in which the affective state combined very harmoniously with the emotional…

LIVE IN THE SALT MINE OF TURDA – November 10th, 2007

From many points of view, this concert can be considered unique in the world of electronic music. The photographs, carefully divided into the stages of the event, create an idea of this performance, capturing many facets of it: from the work of the technical team, to INDRA’s performance on stage.

LIVE AT COSTINESTI – August 29th, 2007

In a summer atmosphere and with a large audience, INDRA performed a short concert of electronic music in the well-known youth resort of Costinesti, Romania. The music he performed was under the auspices of the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari.

LIVE CONCERT – Bucharest, November 1st, 2006

INDRA said about this live performance that it was very spontaneous. Inspired by the numerous students in the hall, he performed some of the most complex pieces on stage.

OPEN AIR FESTIVAL – Germany, June 15th, 2006

INDRA and Joerg Strawe are good friends, so much so that the participation at this festival organised by the latter was much more than just a complete success.
“Such events have great merit that, as well as the satisfaction of a valuable performance, offer wonderful conditions to enjoy the surroundings and to lay the foundations of lasting friendships.” (INDRA)

LIVE ENERGY – Bucharest, May 25th, 2005

INDRA appreciated very much the quality of the services of the video technicians and projection of the images at this concert. However, he decided not to produce any album from the concert, nor of the filmed material. Still, evocative photographs have remained!