It seems that 2009 will be rich with the artistic creations of the artist! It also seems INDRA decided to finish the series of 12 albums that compose the entire Special Edition. This explains the fact that in an amazingly rapid succession, the artist finished album after album to a high musical standard. It is very possible that he used material that he had already worked on and now just arranged them in their final form.

Dhumavati is the 7th album in the Tantric Celebration series and impresses with its accurate sounds and sensibility. In the same time, the thematic approach is once again a surprise, which can only charm the fans. Every album from the Special Edition is different to the others in the series and this is not only due to the style of the approach, but also the rich ideas and themes expressed, which are without doubt a reflection of the individual essence of each of the 10 Great Goddesses. This is the truly remarkable value of the musical creations of INDRA.