THUNDERBOLT - Live at the Black Sea (front)After a long wait, INDRA has chosen to release the live concert from Costinesti (summer of 2008), which had a grandiose presentation.

Conceived in a remarkable way, the show lasted almost two hours. However, the album version of THUNDERBOLT – Live at the Black Sea includes only 5 tracks, a synthesis of the power and depth of the whole concert. The other three tracks that were performed by INDRA on stage will be included in a future series of albums.

Even if the music was performed live five years ago, INDRA presents to us in this album a demonstration of the power and also the refinement of his musical style, like a culmination of his creative activities. This was also contributed to by Catalin Truta, who provided vocals, in the Tibetan Kargyraa style, for a dramatic score. The same talented musician also performed on the caval (a specific type of Romania pipe) an ancestral theme with profound soulful vibrations, offering a remarkable colour to this superb concert by INDRA.