After a long time, in order to publish the 25 albums in the ARCHIVES anthology, Indra continues the 12 album series: SPECIAL EDITION – Tantric Celebration. The 10th album in this series is called Kamalatmika and ends the musical tribute to the 10 Great Cosmic Powers from the Hindu spiritual tradition.

It is a long awaited album, which appears 5 years after the previous one (the Matangi album). Right from the first melody (She of the Lotus), Indra takes a special approach using the Duduk, which confers a very touching and lyrical air to the whole song. When Passing Through and The Wheel of Time are in the vein of Indra, with a rhythmic, yet modern and refined, approach. Face in the Mirror is a calling from the past, a distant memory of a mysterious reality with an elegant rhythm; while Let It Be closes the album with an optimistic note.

KAMALATMIKA is a special creation of Indra, a distinctive note in his collection of musical jewels that defines the 10 Great Cosmic Powers.