We have reached the end of this rather large collection of electronic music, INDRA’s universe of sounds embodied in an amazing variety of styles.

Last disc in the series could be classed as the most surprising because of the particular approach on different music styles. From ambient to trap and chillout with atonal compositions and astonishing sound effects, it looks like 2015 was INDRA’s year for experimentation.

The quest for Nemo is an ample ambient track with full and mysterious sounds while Lexicon is something apart as a theme and instrumentation. Chill Book is probably the strangest track on this CD, a mixture of chill out and electro beats. Endorsement includes a fast rhythm with many sudden changes – it is quite possible that this track could become INDRA’s “jewel in the crown” for this title. So Long, A Time Will Tell is the last track, and seems to be more of a farewell – fortunately we know it only marks the end of this CD series.

INDRA promised he would complete all Archives titles by the end of 2016. He kept well to his word. He also promised that he would soon begin working on the last 3 albums to complete the Special Edition series.

With the Archives project completed, there is a good reason to end the year with joy and optimism for the future. All the best and see you in the next year!