The same as the preceding album, Gold two contains four tracks. All of them were recorded in 2007.

Hypnodance is a display of complex, rhythmic sequences, coupled with a lyrical theme; Sacred Hall inspires the imagination, because contrary to expectations it is a rhythmic melody, however its ending induces the state anticipated by the title; The Wingmakers is also a special combination of rhythm and nostalgia, while Celestes closes the album on an astral atmosphere.

Listening to this album and musical pieces, which are “clean” and carefully created – even if they represent “secondary lab work” – you ask yourself why Indra did not release them in his albums. Possibly because, as the fruits of some inspirational moments, the artist did not consider the musical material as unitary for meeting the requirements of a “brand” album. Even so, the musical richness and refinement with which the pieces are created is a real enchantment for the soul of fans dedicated to the electronic genre…