Music inspired by the god’s world, live concert at 40 m inside the earth in a huge salt crystal, over 300 attending. Briefly, this is how INDRA’s (Dan Bozaru) concert on  November 10th in the Salt Mine of Turda (close to city of Cluj) could be described.

The hall, a vast natural cathedral of a rare beauty, was filled with lights and Dan Bozaru’s music for almost three hours. Most of the audience sat in a meditation posture, with their eyes closed, fully enjoying the concert. The final brought in a profound state of introspection, interiorizing and focus. ‘You didn’t feel like applauding in the end. I wished for that magic moment to stay with me forever‘ confesses Zoli from Targu Mures.

The music, as well as the fairy tale setting, impressed everyone present. ‘I felt that it is an inspired music. I had a very beautiful state of soul awakening. The music brought me towards self awareness‘ says another fan.

Dan Bozaru spoke about the mysteries of his music before starting the performance. He confessed his inspiration is the great god INDRA, known in the Hindu tradition as the Lord of the God’s Kingdom. A message received by Dan from his spiritual guide reveals that the great god INDRA manifested and wanted to make known that he is willing to help all the beings that suffer and are still ignorant, particularly during this difficult period of the humankind. In order to be helped, people need to become aware and willing to refer to Him, as well as know about His existence. One of the ways for invoking and being aware of the great god Indra’s presence is to listen and identify as much as possible with Dan’s music.

The chosen location for the live performance is all the more special owing to the subtle vibration of the salt crystals, which not only that are high absorbents of impure energies – their purifying effect is already well known– but can also bring forth a wonderful environmental atmosphere and induce along with the sounds profound states of consciousness and specially the inner peace that is or becomes almost a physical purification.

It is not the only unusual location for the chain of concerts that Indra intends to perform. The ones to come are planned to take place at the Sphinx in Bucegi – around the summer solstice date, in June next year, and at Stonehenge (England) in the autumn of 2008.

(Anca Munteanu & Bogdan Andrei – yogaesoteric.net)