Upcoming sequel of the Special Edition series

Having completed the ARCHIVES, a 25 cd music collection, INDRA is about to finalise the last 3 discs of the SPECIAL EDITION – Tantric Celebration series. Stay tuned for the 10th…


Indra releases the new series of electronic music albums, titled ARCHIVES. The twenty five albums are split into five collections: Ruby, Emerald, Gold, Diamond and Platinum, each of these collections containing five albums.
The music included in this massive series represent studio music composed and recorded by Indra over the years, which was never released. A new title from the ARCHIVES series will be released every other week.


At long last the video footage of the 2008 Black Sea Live performance has been edited and is now available to view. As ever, INDRA made possible the fusion between his music style and visual imagery to induce the state of deeply beneficial, meditative trance – which we have always thought to be an elegant and inspired approach.


After a long wait, INDRA has chosen to release the live concert from Costinesti (summer of 2008), which had a grandiose presentation.
Conceived in a remarkable way, the show lasted almost two hours. However, the album version of THUNDERBOLT – Live at the Black Sea includes only 5 tracks, a synthesis of the power and depth of the whole concert. The other three tracks that were performed by INDRA on stage will be included in a future series of albums.


The first addition to the new version of the site will be the greatly anticipated album of the live concert of INDRA in Costinesti, in 2008.
Called THUNDERBOLT – LIVE AT THE BLACK SEA, the CD contains 5 pieces performed by INDRA on stage, more than 70 minutes of electronic music in an avantgarde Berlin School style.
The album will be followed, shortly after its release, by a video clip showing different musical segments and images from the concert.
We hope that all this news is a real delight for fans of INDRA, the artist also announces the forthcoming continuation of the Special Edition series.