1961 Born May 5, Dragasani (Valcea), Romania
1976 Studied percussion at the School of Art in Iasi, Drums & Percussion section
1977 Started teaching himself the guitar
1978 Set up a folk band in high school making several performances
1981 – 1986 Got his BSc from the Department of Aeronautics, University of Bucharest
1982 Joined ROCKING as a solo guitarist
1984 ROCKING disbanded – set up ECHO, a progressive folk band
1985 Started intensive studies of Oriental philosophy
1991 Started teaching himself keyboard instruments, showing great interest in electronic music and synthesizer technology
1993 Bought his first studio equipment and started writing electronic music using computer technology
1994 Started his collaboration with Inter-Lotus Records
Gave his first interviews and radio performances
1995 Performed live at Fantasio Hall, Constanta
Started his collaboration with Digital Records
1996 Performed live at the Culture Hall in Constanta with soloist Michaela Dasicomis and soprano Maria Mladin
1998 Composed and performed the music for a large collection of musical therapy themes edited by Inter-Lotus
Bought new professional studio equipment
1999 Collaborated in various radio programs on electronic and ambient music in Bucharest, Iasi and Arad – Romania
2000 Performed live at the National Theatre in Iasi (the Millennium Live 2000 concert)
2001 Moved up his musical studio in Bucharest
2003 Wrote the background music for the CD ‘How to make love almost perfectly’ (author Bebe Mihaescu) published by Humanitas
2004 Completely re-arranged his personal recording studio
Started his collaboration with Perfect Music Records and had some albums re-edited
Started work on a major project (Special Edition – TANTRIC CELEBRATION) – 12 CDs of Berlin School electronic music
2005 Live concert ‘Energy’ in Bucharest
2006 Live performance at Open Air Festival in Schleiden-Broich (Germany), organized by Joerg Strawe
2006 Live concert in Bucharest at Mihai Viteazul College
2007 Live concert in Costinesti, on the shore of the Black Sea
Live concert in the salt mine of Turda, Romania (the Live in the Salt Mine concert)
2008 Live concert in Rodvig, Denmark at the Baltic Sea (The Pyramid Concert)
Live concert in Costinesti, Romania (the Thunderbolt – Live at the Black Sea concert)
Invited to the 9th Ricochet Gathering, organized by the American producer Vic Rek, which took place in Romania, Miclosoara village (Covasna County)
2009 Invited to the 10th Ricochet Gathering which took place in Vinisce, Croatia
2011 Directed and produced the documentary film of the 10th Ricochet Gathering – Croatia (2009) which has been released on DVD
2015 Started publishing a huge 25 CD music collection called Archives that includes the so-called ‘hidden tracks’ which Indra has never published until now. The series was completely released at the end of 2016